ITPS 2017: International Thermprocess Summit on 27. and 28. June

Thermo process technology is not merely essential for a large number of the major areas of industry – it is more than just that: it plays a crucial role in determining the properties of individual products and all industrial manufacturing operations. This is true primarily of the automotive and aviation industries, the glass, ceramics and cement industries, metal production and processing as well as the chemical and petrochemical sector. A number of global challenges need to be tackled at the same time: the general economic and political conditions around the world, climate protection, carbon footprint, energy and resource efficiency – to mention just the most important ones.


And the programme is impressive. The morning of the first day will begin with such high-profile speakers as Professor Dr Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker (President of the Club of Rome), Dr Paul Rübig (Member of the EU Parliament), Dr Christian Kastrop (Director of the Policy Studies Branch in the Economics Department of the OECD) or Eugen Weinberg (Commerzbank) while the contributions during the afternoon – with the motto “Innovation, digitisation, new business models” – promise to be extremely interesting too. Professor Dr Aldo Ofenheimer (Director Business Development Virtual Vehicle) will be starting with a keynote address entitled “Disruptive developments in the mobility industry and their implications for production”. Virtual Vehicle is an international research institute that is based in Graz, Austria, and aims to develop safe, environmentally sound and affordable cars and trains. He will be followed by Dr.-Ing. Gunther Kegel (CEO Pepperl + Fuchs) and Dr Richard Mark Soley (Industrial Internet Consortium). Both of their presentations will be focussing on the Internet and the impact of digitisation on industry as well as the opportunities offered to industry by it. “The Internet has not changed everything – the industrial community continues to refuse to apply Internet technologies” – this provocative statement is made by Soley. Further information at: