La Castagnas: Italian at it's best

La Castagnas in Derendorf is a superb Italian restaurant: Here, traditional, Italian cuisine is celebrated in a lively atmosphere – from traditional to sophisticated with friendliness which comes from the heart, as well as unobtrusive service which makes every table into a special area with friends. Fresh ingredients, changing seasonal dishes and selected wines from all regions guarantee an unforgettable Italian evening. Head chef Frank and the entire team present the complete sophistication of...[more]

Baan Thai: Thai Cuisine at its best

For many decades now, Baan Thai has attracted visitors from all over the world, who promptly turn into lovers of Thai cuisine here. Located directly in the heart of the Old Town (Altstadt), Baan Thai, with its original Thai charm, has a peaceful atmosphere and makes your stay almost feel like a short holiday. More information at:; E-mail: [more]

Amano Verde: Hot spot for vegetarians and vegans

Düsseldorf has a new meeting place for upscale vegetarian, vegan and lactose-free cuisine. In the beginning of June the Amano Verde opened in the Radisson Blu Media Harbour Hotel. From light snacks to eccentric menu - the menu has something for every lover of healthy and meatless cuisine. All products are from controlled cultivation and preferably from the region. For the Chef Dennis Riesen, vegetarian and vegan cooking is a passion, because himself is a convinced vegan. In Amano Verde he can...[more]

The Beer Houses (Breweries) – A Real Piece of Düsseldorf

The beer houses and their „alt“ beer are a real Düsseldorf specialty and represent the cosiness of the Rhineland. What is special about this is: They brew their own beer (the top-fermented, brown „Alt“ beer). They serve typical, hearty, traditional food (e.g. knuckle, Halve Hahn (rye roll with cheese) & Flöns (black pudding)). The waiters are called „Köbes” and are known for their quick wit (some also say: „rough charm “). There is no other place in Düsseldorf where inhabitants and guests from...[more]

Düsseldorf (Platt) Dialect Made Easy

You speak German, but sometimes you still do not understand a single word in Düsseldorf? That is because of the Düsseldorf dialect. Here is a small language course for you: Jo: Yes Nä: No Dank üch: Thank you Jode Morje: Good morning Dach: Hello N’owend: Good evening Wie es et?: How are things? Jot, ech kann nit klare: Fine, thanks Tschö: Cheers/Goodbye Bes späder: See you later Bes morje: See you tomorrow Wie jet et Üch/Dech?: How are you? [more]

„Düsseldorf – the city, where the lion (Löwe) puts in his two cents (Senf – mustard)”

…..this is what the Düsseldorf cabaret artist, Manes Meckenstock, once said. And this is very true. Besides „Alt“beer and Flöns (black pudding), Löwensenf (mustard) is a unique trademark of Düsseldorf. Around 90 years ago, when Mr. and Mrs. Frenzel moved to Düsseldorf with their very special recipe, they probably could not have imagined in their wildest dreams that their mustard would one day be a real brand product and an export hit. All the better that the entire world of mustard can be...[more]

O'Reilly's: Irish Pub & Restaurant

O’Reilly’s ist Irish Pub & Restaurant in der Düsseldorfer Altstadt – bekannt für seine irische Küche mit dem stadtbekannten Fish & Chips in einem Kilkenny Bierteig, dem herzhaften O’Reilly’s Full Irish Breakfast und den meisterhaften „Chuck Eye Roll“-Steaks. Natürlich gibt es auch irisches Bier, das besonders zu Livemusik bei Karaoke-Abenden und spannenden Live-Sportübertragungen bestens schmeckt.¶(Fotocredit: O'Reilly's)[more]