A culinary journey of 20 years in Düsseldorf

The agency RheinLust has been organising the “tour de menu” in and around Düsseldorf for 20 years now. During the course of 26 days (20 March to 14 April), the crème de la crème of the gastronomy fights for the favour of the guests and thus for one of the coveted places on the winner's podium. This year again, all the different tastes will be represented amongst the 50 participating restaurants, from Düsseldorf mustard roast to lobster. New additions include "Liebevoll! in der Auermühle" in Ratingen and "King Fusion" in Düsseldorf. "King Fusion" is centrally located in the city and offers the perfect opportunity to go out for Asian food after the shopping is done. The perfect counterpart to this is "Liebevoll! in der Auermühle", idyllically situated in the centre of the Angertal valley. All information is available at: