ALEX & Brasserie Düsseldorf

Near Kö, in the attention-grabbing GAP 15 building complex, the Messe visitors can let themselves be pampered from early morning until late at night according to their individual taste, either in the modern, Mediterranean ALEX Düsseldorf or the classic, French Brasserie Düsseldorf. The emphasis in these charming worlds of experience lies on having an enjoyable time either before or after a strenuous day at the trade fair. ALEX Düsseldorf varies as an ambitious hybrid of bistro, pub, restaurant, bar and café in a transparent lounge look. The core of the restaurant is the completely open kitchen, in which the food – from steaks and burgers to pasta, from tartes flambée to salads – is freshly prepared right in front of the guests. Also the generous outdoor terraces provide a chill-out lounge atmosphere. Brasserie Düsseldorf entices a cosmopolitan public with French joie-de-vivre from early in the morning until late at night. The non-stop leather benches, the long brass counters, the Bordeaux-red velvet chairs,  the Art Nouveau decor, the boards  with golden lettering, the low-hanging globe lamps or the high  mirrored walls give you the impression of sitting in a café in the centre of Paris. The Brasserie offers an extensive culinary selection starting with breakfast up to onion soup, boeuf Bourguignon, coq au vin, crème brûlée and much more, accompanied by a carefully chosen selection of wines and beverages.