First time in Germany & first solo show: Onur Hastürk @ Anna Laudel gallery Düsseldorf

The gallery Anna Laudel in the Old Town (Altstadt) of Düsseldorf showcases “Assimilation” by Turkish artist Onur Hastürk, recognised by his combined style of Islamic painting and design with contemporary art. “Assimilation” is Hastürk’s debut exhibition in Germany, marking the largest display of the artist’s works to date and will be on display until 31 October 2020. Islamic art assimilated geographically far-flung styles and techniques over centuries to generate new, ever-evolving traditions across Islamic space. Also artists like Matisse and Warhol were themselves committed to similar interchanges between the world’s many artistic traditions as part of their avant-garde practices.

A visual artist specialised in the art of classical Ottoman miniature painting, Onur Hastürk pulls freely from the numerous artistic cultures of Islam and places them in new conversations with art of the modern West, from Henri Matisse to Andy Warhol. In doing so, he has created a contemporary Islamic art with a unique attitude and style, generated from these transcultural and transhistorical intercourses. tYet whereas the likes of Matisse embarked on these experiments from within the Euro-American artistic tradition, Hastürk applies his expertise in the history and practice of traditional Islamic art to interrogate its own abilities to respond and build on the cross-cultural experiments of Matisse and Warhol as he embarked on these experiments from within the Euro-American artistic tradition. Within the exhibition, Hastürk presents his works within 3 compelling series: Respect to Matisse, Respect to Warhol, and Classical Miniature.

Founded by Anna Laudel with the aim of supporting the work of Turkish and international artists, the gallery is dedicated to support artists by providing a prominent contemporary exhibition platform and by developing a greater understanding of contemporary art. Anna Laudel also aims to represent Turkish artists at the international art scene by showcasing latest artworks at leading international art fairs. Following its first location in Istanbul’s old finance district of the late Ottoman Empire in Karaköy, Anna Laudel opened its second gallery in Düsseldorf-Germany in 2019 to expand more internationally. Directed by Ferhat Yeter, both galleries host solo and group exhibitions by artists from Turkey and beyond.

(Fotocredit: Katja Illner, Anna Laudel, Murat Kaan)