The Beer Houses (Breweries) – A Real Piece of Düsseldorf

The beer houses and their „alt“ beer are a real Düsseldorf specialty and represent the cosiness of the Rhineland. What is special about this is: They brew their own beer (the top-fermented, brown „Alt“ beer). They serve typical, hearty, traditional food (e.g. knuckle, Halve Hahn (rye roll with cheese) & Flöns (black pudding)). The waiters are called „Köbes” and are known for their quick wit (some also say: „rough charm “). There is no other place in Düsseldorf where inhabitants and guests from all over the world strike up a conversation faster than in the house-breweries: Füchschen, Schlüssel, Schumacher and Uerige. They are all located in the Altstadt (Old Town) and are also partly responsible for Düsseldorf’s reputation as being the „longest bar counter in the world“.

On the menu you will find specialties from Düsseldorf and the Rhineland; here is a small excerpt including a German/English translation – to avoid any misunderstandings:

Flöns mit Ölk: Black pudding with onions

Halve Hahn: Rye roll with cheese   

Himmel un‘ Ähd:  Fried black pudding with mashed potatoes and  apples

Pärchen: Two sausages

Ääzesupp: Erbensuppe/ Peasoup

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