Into the new decade with boot Düsseldorf

From 18 to 26 January 2020, boot Düsseldorf will present itself in a new outfit to its almost 250,000 visitors. The thematic structure of the 17 exhibition halls is characterised through even better preparation. Thus, the new Hall 1 will become the home of medium-sized motor yachts. Especially families love this type of yacht, as it combines sailing pleasure with cosiness. Hall 6 remains the heart of the luxury segment. Everything that has rank and reputation in the super yacht industry is on board here. Then it continues at the "Beach World" in Hall 8a. Here, water sports fans meet up for surfing, kiting, SUP boarding with stars and starlets from the international scene. Be it “THE WAVE" or "Flatwaterpool" - fun is the order of the day.  

On 18 January, when boot opens, the largest diving exhibition in the world will also start in Halls 11 and 12. And with considerably more than 400 exhibitors, it will present a unique concentration of the industry.  Thematically appropriate, the Water Tourism Halls 13 and 14 will be joined by "Travel World". Charter agencies, marinas, houseboat providers, hotels, cruise companies and water sports regions stir up a longing for the next holiday.


boot at a glance

Opening hours: 18 – 26 January (10 am - 6 pm)

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