PEOPLE LIKE US: A wine range for people like you and me

The story behind the wines is just as striking as the wines themselves: Three people have found each other here, who love uncomplicated wines full of character and have also uncompromisingly implemented this. "PEOPLE LIKE US" is the name of the 2017 vintage wine range from the Palatinate Wine Estate Siener-Dr. Wettstein. And - according to the motto of the wine range - they are produced for "people like you and me". The trio has developed four, more or less, varietal wines, which have character and convey fun in wine enjoyment. The Sauvignon Blanc surprises with its mature and structured bouquet; the Riesling is fresh and fruity; the Chardonnay pleases with its strong and at the same time elegant aroma, and the Pinot Noir surprises with its complexity. The design also stands out and catches the eye: A clear, straightforward label that focuses on the "rock" side of the winemakers. Because not only the wine unites these three - but also their love for rock music.


However, one thing at a time. Who is this trio behind the wines? Anyone who now thinks that three young winemakers have joined forces and brought a "rock" wine range onto the market is mistaken. First of all, there is Martin Wettstein, who has more or less been turned into a passionate winemaker by chance. As an agricultural scientist with a doctorate, he has always been associated with agriculture - but taking over a vineyard was not exactly on his "to-do list". On the way to Tuscany, where he wanted to settle down with his wife Martina, he passed by Siebeldingen, talked to Dr. Siener from the wine estate of the same name and without further ado took over the venerable wine estate - "first on trial" (original sound Martin Wettstein). The experimental phase has now grown into two decades - and we can no longer speak of "on trial". The classic SieneR wine edition ( attracts attention throughout Germany and has already earned the 57-year-old many awards.


The second one in the trio is Gabi Penka-Schüder, a pharmacist with a fine sense of smell and taste - and, of course, a passionate wine lover. With her sensitivity for the sensory, she is predestined for fine-tuning the individual wines at PEOPLE LIKE US. She is particularly interested in the elaboration of filigree aromas as well as the varietal and terroir typicality. The trio of aromas is rounded off by Otmar Scherr, a former pathologist and ambitious wine collector with a pronounced cuvée experience. Even as a young physician, his passion for high quality French white wines and international premium wines had already taken hold of him. Today, the wine enthusiast owns one of the largest private wine collections in Germany - and since 2007 also his own vineyards on the Southern Wine Route (Weinstraße). His dream of his own wine has come true ( 


Coincidence has brought these three friends together - and as is sometimes the case, allowed the idea of a wine series for PEOPLE LIKE US to grow and mature. And the three of them were not content with the idea alone, they put it into practice. In the Siebeldingen wine cellar, the trio created the wines with great care and brought in all their competence and passion. The Pinot Noir, for example, was provided with a small amount of Merlot, which not only gave it a more intense colour but also added complexity. To a small extent, the Chardonnay is aged in barriques. "We wanted to produce wines that, like life, are colourful and multi-faceted. Qualitatively convincing and nevertheless affordable", Martin Wettstein sums it up.


And where can you buy these wines? The easiest way is online at, but also, of course, via the well-stocked specialist trade - and soon also in the food retail trade. The trio is also present on Facebook ( PEOPLE LIKE US)