ProWein: The World's Largest Order and Networking Platform

While the anniversary edition of ProWein last year was indeed special, the coming ProWein (15 – 17 March 2020) promises to reach even greater heights. Roughly 6,900 exhibitors are expected from around the globe, making it indisputably the world's largest and most important trade fair for wines and spirits — and as such a benchmark appointment for international buyers from the retail, hospitality, hotel and import/export businesses.

Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Austria, Spain and overseas nations such as Argentina, Chile and the USA have traditionally brought the largest contingents of exhibitors. The wine offers will be complemented by presentations from nearly 400 international spirits makers, from large international brands to small artisanal producers. The long-running "Champagne Lounge" has also proven a perennial visitor magnet. Nearly 50 champagne producers will be presenting French savoir vivre in the form of fine bubbles in Hall 12. "Our special exhibitions, theme worlds and central tastings have served as joint pillars of Prowein's success over the years, as has the comprehensive program of events," Bastian Mingers notes. The "same but different" craft product show in Hall 7.0 houses over 120 manufacturers of craft spirits, craft beer and cider from 24 countries. With an open bar also available to help with focused tasting, the exhibit has developed in just two short years into one of the absolute hallmarks of the ProWein experience. The same applies to Organic World in Hall 13: with more than 40 exhibitors, it lends additional gravitas to the already-comprehensive organic wine presentation at ProWein. The blend of special exhibitions is rounded out by the MUNDUS VINI tasting in hall 17 and the "Packaging & Design" zone in hall 13.

New in 2020: Finding products quickly thanks to Bottlebooks 

With so many products on display, trade visitors have expressed a strong desire for a helpful tool to organize their searches for individual products and product groups. A new cooperation between ProWein and Bottlebooks fills that gap. Exhibitors can choose to enter their wines, spirits, craft spirits, beers and ciders into an online database ahead of the trade fair. It is then simple and easy for visitors to comb through the ProWein database for precisely the product groups they are seeking.

ProWein 2020: A focus on climate change

Climate change is playing an increasingly disruptive role in the wine industry — and ProWein 2020 is paying attention. Rising temperatures, longer dry phases and extreme weather represent both risks and opportunities for winegrowers around the world. ProWein Trend Scouts Stuart Pigott and Paula Redes Sidore will provide concrete insights into how the wine world is reacting to climate change. Their moderated tastings will be held on ProWein Sunday and ProWein Monday from 6 - 7 pm respectively at the Forum in Hall 10. Among the topics they'll explore: How are winegrowers reacting to changing weather conditions and coping with higher temperatures and longer dry spells? Are vine portfolios changing in the winegrowing regions affected by climate change? These and numerous other aspects will be given special attention this year. Three other vinophile trends will also receive the spotlight: "Just a Spoonful of Sugar" describes the trend in classic wine regions (including Neusiedlersee, Tokaj, Sauternes and Mosel) to produce more dry white wines. "Sparkling Wines – From Prosecco and Pet Nat to Pignoletto, from Charmat to Methode Ancéstrale" reflects the rising quality of alternatives to classic bottle fermentation. Finally, "Wine 2.0" explores crossover wine products, such as cannabis wines, beer wines and wines aged in whiskey barrels. There are cutting-edge trends in the spirits and craft beer fields as well, such as spirits from Asia featuring bottle neckers for the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan.


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Opening hours: 15-17 March (9 am – 6 pm)

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