Yes, We Can: the Rise of Canned Wines

Producers are increasingly grasping that wine needs to be made more approachable and inclusive if it is to engage a younger consumer base. The millennial generation, for example, is far more interested in convenience and coolness than conceit, opening the door to alternative marketing and packaging. Cans are indulgences of the here and now, and an appreciation of a muss-free lifestyle. No equipment needed: even the single size serving container is included. And in the Instagram era, cans are eye-catching as well.

Wine-in-cans has been around in Europe for decades, but it’s real renaissance began in the USA at the turn of the century. In 2003, California-based Coppola winery was the first American winery to launch wines in a can. They started with their Sofia Blanc de Blanc sparkling mini, in 187 ml aluminum. This single size serving, stemware included, hit big and was a game-changer. Especially light, slightly sweet wines with plenty of spritz make fun in the can – f.e. a classic “terrassenwein”, aperitifs or sundowners which are made for the picnic where glass is simply not welcome.